Bible Study: Going Around The Corner

Taking the gospel to every neighborhood in America

A Bible study designed for personal and group use.

116 pages, softcover
By Todd and Sheila Alewine
ISBN: 9780692781999
List Price: $12.99

Do you believe that your own neighborhood is a mission-field assignment by a sovereign God?

Going Around The Corner is a mission strategy for your own backyard.  Using a simple format of reading scripture and answering questions, you will begin to see your neighborhood and workplace as your mission field.  You will learn to explore your neighborhood and workplace by accepting the mission and praying for believing partners.  You will engage your neighbors and co-workers, first by praying, followed by listening to the prompts of the Spirit, then acting by serving them through biblical good works.  You will learn to evangelize through conversations and simply sharing your story.  As God begins to use you to lead individuals to Christ, you will learn how to establish them in their faith through personal discipleship, and equip them by bringing them into your own church body.


Student Version – Going Around The Corner

ISBN: 9780999131831
6″ x 9″
85 pages, softcover
List Price $10.99

Written for high school and college-age, the five-session study challenges students to live “on mission” where God has strategically placed them on their campus, team, or in the classroom or office.


Going Around The Corner: The Guidebook

ISBN:  9781733047821
5″ x 8″
42 pages, softcover
List Price $6.99

This little book is simply a tool, a guidebook, to help you take what you know about the gospel and share it. Take one step at a time and implement it. Before you know it, you will love those God has put in your life with Christ’s love and be interceding on their behalf to the Savior. You will know them personally and be involved in their lives. You will be confi dent in your own story of salvation and be able to share the complete gospel.


Devotional, 40 Days of Spiritual Awareness
Written By:  Sheila Alewine

ISBN: 97809991318800
List Price $9.99 each
6” x 9”
80 pages, softcover

How often do we walk through our day oblivious to the work that God is doing?  We desire His presence in our lives and want to be part of His kingdom purposes, but our minds are distracted by the duties and obligations of our daily life.  As Christ-followers, we know there is a greater calling, and we long to step into it, but the demand of raising children, caring for aging parents, or just the daily grind of making a living and paying the bills outweighs our desire for a spiritual life focused on God.

All around us, God is at work.  He is drawing unbelievers to Himself and He is prompting His followers to be instruments of the gospel in the lives of others.  Are we listening?

Take this 40-day journey and increase your spiritual awareness of who God is and how He is working in the people right around you.  Each day, you will discover truth that will increase your awareness of God, yourself, other believers, and unbelievers.  This devotional will remind you of what is important:  an awareness of God’s work in our world, as He redeems and saves.  At the end of the journey, you will realize that you are an important part of accomplishing that work, and be prepared to join Him.


Devotional, Living In Light Of The Manger
Written By:  Sheila Alewine

ISBN: 9780999131817
List Price $9.99 U.S.
6” x 9”
80 pages, softcover

Download A Sample

Each year children and adults alike gather in sanctuaries, community centers, schools, and parks to portray that first Christmas nativity.  Some are extravagant displays with live animals, beautiful costumes, and professionally designed sets.  Others are simple representations with children dressed in bathrobes and a borrowed doll from the nursery to play baby Jesus. But the story is the same.  A tiny baby has changed the world.

If the manger only has meaning during our holiday celebrations, we’ve missed the point of the story.  Jesus was born so that we could be born again.  The events of His birth and the people who welcomed Him have many lessons to teach us about the glorious gospel and how Jesus came to change our lives.

This Christmas season, take time out of your busy life to remember the manger.  Set aside your hectic schedule.  Grab a cup of coffee and sit for a few minutes each day and learn what it means to live in light of the manger.


Devotional, Grace & Glory: A 50-Day Journey in the Purpose & Plan of God
Written By:  Sheila Alewine

ISBN: 9780999131848
List Price $11.99 U.S.
6” x 9”
128 pages, softcover

What do we do when we face a crisis of faith?  When everything we believe is challenged?  When we find our feet on a path facing insurmountable obstacles?

That’s when we must discover (or re-discover) God’s purpose for our life and learn to live with a mindset of His grace … grace that reveals His glory.

That’s exactly what happened to the followers of Jesus, as they watched Him die, met Him alive on the other side of the grave, and stood looking up into heaven as He returned to His Father.  When difficult times come, we are called to examine what it is that we really believe about Jesus.  And like those first disciples, our own 50-day journey will remind us of the grace that has changed our lives.

Our hope is to encourage you to live every day so that the glory of God will be seen by the demonstration of the power of God’s grace in your life and the proclamation of the gospel of grace that has changed the world.


Devotional, Just Pray: 30 Days of Encouragement
Written By:  Sheila Alewine

ISBN: 9780999131886
List Price $9.99 U.S.
6” x 9”
80 pages, softcover

Every one of us experiences times in our lives where we feel unqualified or ineffective in God’s kingdom work. We live in a culture that glorifies physical beauty and strength, extreme skills, and dazzling talents. Life is a competition, and if we don’t stand out, or have special gifts, then the world considers us mostly unremarkable and of little use.

If you find yourself thinking, “What good am I to the kingdom anymore?” this devotional is for you.

We believe you are strategically and sovereignly positioned to have kingdom impact in this generation through a simple commitment to prayer. How often have you heard someone say, “All I can do is ‘just pray’!” The reality is, the most powerful and effective thing we can do is pray.

What would happen if today’s generation of aging saints decided to ask God for an army of laborers to be sent out into His harvest? What would happen if every believer who is limited by their physical abilities decided to focus their time and attention on seeking God’s heart and pleading for God’s Spirit to bring a fresh revival to our world?

God is not looking for people of strength and confidence. He is seeking those who know they are helpless and weak so that His strength and glory can be made magnified in us. No matter what your challenges or limitations, God still has work for you to do for the kingdom.

We invite you to accept the challenge and just pray.


Devotional, Let Us Run The Race
Written By:  Sheila Alewine

ISBN: 9781733047807
List Price $9.99 U.S.
6” x 9”
72 pages, softcover

Do you need encouragement for your race? Are you weary? Distracted? Have you lost sight of the goal? Or do you just need a reminder of what this race is all about? Take a 30-day devotional journey and let the words of Paul to the Philippian believers encourage you.

Called the greatest missionary of all time, the apostle Paul made an unforgettable and enduring impact on the world and the culture that surrounded him. If we could sit down and chat with him, what would he tell us? What can we learn from a man who ran his race so well?

All of us desire to make our lives count for something greater than ourselves. The reality is, there is no greater call than the cause of Christ and the gospel of His kingdom. As Paul will teach us, let’s pursue Him with passion, endurance, and joy.

Let’s run the race, for Jesus is worthy.


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