Meet Sheila

Welcome to my corner of the blog-o-sphere!  I’m excited to meet you!

I’m a southern girl, but not too southern … (I drink my tea unsweetened!) and I live in one of the most beautiful places in America.  Here in Western North Carolina, we enjoy all four seasons of the year, although Spring and Fall seem to get by us too fast.  If it snows the slightest bit, the world comes to a halt (at least mine does…you won’t find me driving on it), unlike those of you who hail from the north!

I married in 1985, and my husband and I have been serving the Lord together in ministry since that time.  I love being a wife and making a home.  I love watching HGTV and Food Network for inspiration, reading design blogs and perusing home-related magazines but at this point in my life, my projects are limited.  The first 20 years of marriage, I painted our walls every two or three years.  Now I’m a bit more settled and not quite as inclined to make so many changes, but I still dream!  I love recipe books and have hundreds of recipe pins on my Pinterest board, but I’ve discovered I actually like thinking about cooking a lot more than actually doing it.

We were blessed with two beautiful daughters.  They’ve been best friends since birth, married two men who love Jesus, and since 2017 have given us five grandchildren…three boys and two girls.  Needless to say, we’re in love with all of them (cute picture alert…see below!).  It’s so much fun watching our children parent – and they are knocking it out of the park.

Motherhood (and grandparenthood) has been the best blessing of my life, for a number of reasons.  The biggest one is that I am privileged to be a child of God, and His Word has guided my life since I was a child myself.  At age seven, I realized that my sin separated me from my Heavenly Father, and that I could not do anything to earn my way to heaven.  I asked Him for forgiveness, and accepted the payment of Jesus’ blood on the cross for my sin, and He brought me into the family.  Now, I possess eternal life and will spend eternity with Him.

Serving God and living life according to His Word made all the difference in our parenting and marriage.  God gave me a godly husband who loves the Word and the gospel, and we have spent our marriage serving Him in churches and ministries.  Now, we are leading a new ministry, Around The Corner Ministriesthat helps equip Christ-followers to confidently share the gospel right where they live, work, or play. Since we began this ministry in 2016, I’ve had the opportunity to do something I always dreamed of doing, which is to write. My “sweet spot” is writing devotionals that point to the Gospel (I’ve currently written six). I’ve also written one Bible study, and hope to write more as God leads. You can view all of these on my Bookstore Page, or on our ministry website. I’m also a regular contributor to the Bible Study Tools website.

This blog is written to encourage believers to walk in the way of the Word.   God’s ways truly do work!  Obedience to His commands brings blessing.  Faithfulness to Him brings us peace and joy, no matter what the circumstances of our lives.  His Word is an endless well of wisdom and insight, and has the answer to every question you will ever ask.  Trust Him.  He is so worthy.

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Sheila Alewine

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