One Love, One Passion … You, Lord

When all is said and done with life and I’m no longer here
What will my friends and family say was what I held most dear?

Will it be the home I kept, or where I worked each day
That leaves the most impression of what my life would say?

Or will it be the words I spoke to those who knew me best
Words remembered when I’m gone as I passed life’s test?

Or will it be the way I spent my money and my time
That leaves the legacy I seek for loved ones left to find?

O let them see that You alone are worthy of this race
Let every deed and action now speak loudly of your grace.

Let my mind and heart be filled with only thoughts of You
And may the way I spend this life be focused on what’s true.

Give me grace to wait on You; compassion for my friend;
Boldness for your gospel, and willing help to lend.

And if I start to stray from You in thought or word or deed
Humble me, dear Father, in whatever way I need.

Give me more and more of You, and less and less of me
So when this life is over, well-pleased with me you’ll be.


Written December 17, 2011 as a summary of what I learned from studying James.

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