What Jesus Did

As I thought about what this weekend represents for Christ-followers, I went back and read through Matthew’s description of the last few days of Jesus’ earthly life.  There were so many people involved in those last few days.  Many were intimately involved, part of the decision-making process, like the Pharisees and chief priests, Pilate, and Herod.  There were also many involved who were just carrying out orders, like the soldiers.  But there were others who chose their path on those fateful few hours.

They made intentional decisions in responding to what was happening to Jesus: the disciples, His mother and the other women who cared and believed in Him, and not least of all, Judas, who surrendered to the evil impulse to betray Him.

I wonder who I would have been, had I been there?  I hope I would have been like Mary who poured out the alabaster vial of precious oil on Jesus’ head…somehow sensing that this was her last opportunity to show Him how much she loved Him and how grateful she was for what He had done in her life.
Below are just a few words that express my “ponderings” in the difference between how (we) treated Jesus and how He responded.  I’m definitely not a “poet” but I do love the process of thinking through things and writing them down.
I pray this weekend is meaningful and precious to you as you worship our Risen Savior!
The religious were blinded by their own code of “right”;
Jesus is the Righteous One, in Him we see the light.
The pretender still lingered; he had a traitor’s heart;
Jesus was loyal, and loved them from the start.
The scattered were scared and dismayed, ran away;
Jesus was grieved and distressed, but He stayed.
The brash was well-meaning but in his flesh was too weak;
Jesus was determined, His Father’s will He still would seek.
The tired were tempted, their eyes heavy with sleep;
Jesus was praying, with drops of blood He did weep.
The mercenary came, armed and ready to fight;
Jesus surrendered in the dark of the night.
The impulsive reacted, aiming to kill;
Jesus reached out, intending to heal.
The witness was paid to speak lies and false words;
Jesus was silent, His voice was not heard.
The mockers were merciless, spitting and hitting;
Jesus stood quietly, not even resisting.
The scared lost their way, denying His name;
Jesus stayed true, for the purpose He came.
The betrayer was guilty and took his own life;
Jesus was innocent, condemned by our strife.
The politician was superior, washing His hands;
Jesus was humble, crucified by demand.
The robber was rescued, released to go free;
Jesus was arrested and captured for me.
The blood-thirsty shouted for death on a cross;
Jesus came to bring life, but at a very high cost.
The dreamer was troubled, warning others to heed;
Jesus fulfilled prophecy, meeting our every need.
The soldiers mocked with a robe and crown of thorns;
Jesus took it all, bearing humiliation and scorn.
The traveler was forced to carry the cross of the condemned;
Jesus willingly stayed on the cross, angels forbidden to defend.
The gamblers divided spoils, taking what was not theirs;
Jesus took what was not His, our sin He died to bear.
The gawkers hurled their insults and hateful words of spite;
Jesus spoke forgiveness for the man by whom He died.
The rich man took His body, lending his own tomb;
The mother mourned the baby who had come from her own womb.
The secret believer finally stepped up to the plate;
The worshipper poured out everything before it was too late.
The women came to care for the body that was dear;
The angels gave good news to them that Jesus was not here!
The repentant went out weeping, bitter to his soul,
But Jesus came forgiving, and in love He made him whole.
My Jesus gave His life for me, His body broken outwardly;
But death could not defeat my King, He rose to life to set me free.
I grieve for what He had to do, for all the hurt and hate and scorn;
But praise Him for the hope He gave on that first resurrection morn.

Oh may my life be His alone to do with as He may decree;

Until I see Him face to face, and praise Him for eternity!

One thought on “What Jesus Did

  1. Denise Tatarzyn

    Compassion for Christ's passion. Thank you for this beautiful writing, Sheila, on this day of remembrance of Christ's suffering and what He did for us. Yes, on this Good Friday, His passion (suffering), death and resurrection is a reminder to us of how He made us ALIVE in HIM! FOR HE HAS RISEN! HALLELUJAH!


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