Happy Anniversary, Dear


Thirty-one years since we said I do,
We gazed at each other and vowed to be true,
Your hands were shaky, but you made it through.
We took off in my little red Stanza hatchback,
We had a coupon for the hotel and our bags were packed,
Money was tight, but love had no lack.
Our first apartment was tiny in size,
About three hundred and fifty square feet, I’d surmise!
But back in the day, we thought we’d won the prize.
Before we were used to waking up to each other
You got a call for a job in a state up above us,
To Virginia we went, leaving father and mother.
It was there as a couple we grew to be three,
As God blessed us with baby, we named her “Lindsey”,
She was sweet as a cupcake, a miniature me.
We stayed in Virginia for four years, no more,
Until we were able to go back to Asheville, quite poor,
Our friends called us crazy, but we told them what for!
We lived in the parking lot, a house the church owned,
A creepy basement it had, and I’m sure that I moaned,
It had birds in the attic…if only I’d known!
But it turned out to be the perfect little place
For our family of three became four in some haste,
As Lauren appeared, no time she did waste!
The years flew by in a blink of the eye,
Our babies grew up and then they found “the guy”
Jordan and Zach, in our opinion, rank high!
So our family of four is now six and still counting,
And waiting and counting, anticipation is mounting,
Those kids! Why do they make us keep doubting!
We’ve served God together in all kinds of places,
We’ve traveled the world and been through all kinds of phases,
If life is a ball game, we’ve run most of the bases.
And now we are set for a new venture in life,
You gave up your paycheck for the call from on high,
Who knows what‘s ahead as together we strive?
I can’t think of anyone I’d rather do this life with,
This crazy ride that began April sixth
Thirty-one years ago, we started off with a kiss.
I love you.

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