Grace & Glory

I’ve learned something about scripture in writing devotional books.  Everything comes back to the gospel.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Old Testament or New Testament, all of scripture has one story to tell – the story of Jesus.

So it doesn’t surprise me as I scan back through some of the devotions in our newest book, Grace & Glory, that the underlying message of each day’s reading always seems to land on the same simple foundation:  Jesus came to give us life, and life is all about Jesus.

This is comforting to me.

Life can get complicated.  Relationships are hard.  People get sick; some get well, but others don’t.  Jobs don’t always turn out well.  Marriages hit rocky places.  Children make poor decisions and parenting is tough.  Sometimes the check doesn’t stretch quite far enough.  Bills come unexpectedly.

How will we respond?  Coming back to the simple truths about the grace of God settles our soul.  Renewing our understanding that we were created for God’s glory puts our feet on a firm foundation.  That is my hope for all those who read this devotional, that you know how much God loves you, and how He desires to pour out His grace on your life.

We all need reminders.  I know I do!  When distractions come, and they will come, I need to be refreshed in the grace and glory of God.

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GRACE & GLORY, A 50-Day Journey in the Purpose and Plan of God

128 pages, soft cover
50 daily devotions
$11.99 each


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