Adorned: Living Out The Beauty Of The Gospel Together (Book Review)

Our neighborhood ladies’ Bible study is doing something a little different this time. Instead of a traditional “Bible study” we are reading and discussing the book, Adorned: Living Out The Beauty Of The Gospel Together, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.  This is unusual for me, for although I love reading books, I believe spiritual growth is best accomplished by studying the scriptures themselves, for ourselves. But this book came so highly recommended I suggested it for our group.

The book is 342 pages and 14 chapters and centers on five simple verses found in the short letter Paul wrote to Titus. Nancy begins the book by describing her own wedding, where she married for the first time at age 57. Her wedding day included a visit from long-time friend and mentor, Vonette Bright, who made the effort to attend just six weeks before she passed on heaven, the help of many “sisters” in Christ, and the attendance of ten little girls in red and white dresses who preceded her down the aisle ringing bells, all daughters, nieces or granddaughters of women whose lives she had impacted. The message is clear: women are to influence women, living out the beauty of the gospel together.

The book is a challenge to all Christ-following women to carry out God’s strategy for teaching the next generation how to be a godly woman. Rooted in sound doctrine, we are to fulfill our responsibility to both teach those coming behind us, and learn from those ahead of us, spiritually and physically. The book is filled with personal examples from Nancy’s life, as well as many stories from other women who have found the joy of being mentors or being mentored the way God describes in Titus 2. Drawing from the Titus 2 scripture as well as many other supporting scriptures, it is rich with biblical and practical truth.

Our group is working through the book a chapter per week. We are also using the teaching DVD and separate study guide/journal that is available, which has added a lot of depth to what we are learning. I am praying for each member of our group, that by the time the study is over, God has brought a younger woman into their lives to mentor.

Nancy writes: Imagine older women investing themselves in the lives of younger women, blessing whole families and churches. Imagine younger women widening their circle to include women who’ve walked further down the road. Imagine women of all ages and seasons being transformed by the gospel, displaying its beauty, and making it believable to those around them. This rich study of the instructions to women in Titus 2 provides a roadmap to help you experience the kind of community and influence God designed you to have in the church and in the world.

I have had several women in my life who influenced me, encouraging me as a young mom and wife, showing me by their example and their words how to live for Jesus. I’ve also had the privilege of investing in several younger women over the years, and in all cases, I received much more in return than I what I gave in time or energy. I have also watched as other godly women invested themselves in my own daughters, thankful for how the body of Christ works. God’s strategy truly is a blessed one!

If you are a woman and a Christ-follower, you should read this book. It will inspire you, encourage you, challenge you, and most importantly, equip you to carry out the beauty of the gospel, together. I highly recommend it for personal reading or a small group of women.

You can get your copy on Amazon, and additional resources are available at this website.

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