How Do You Share The Gospel? (I Need Your Help!)

Something I think a lot about is sharing the gospel with others. Not that I’m great at it; this ministry God has called us to has really stretched me. To be honest, sometimes I feel pushed to be someone I’m not (more vocal, bolder). I love being behind the scenes (and behind the computer screen, actually, which is why I love to write). I’ve always been better at expressing myself in words on paper rather than the words that come out of my mouth.

But, this is what God has called us to do…to be His witnesses. So, every day for me is a learning curve and a deeper trust that God will empower me and do through me what He has called me to do.

I’m curious about you.

How do you share the gospel? Do you find it easy? Are you comfortable handling scripture that explains God’s plan for mankind? Is it difficult for you to bring up spiritual topics in casual conversations?

I would really love to know what you’ve learned that’s helped you be a more vocal witness, as well as what are the challenges you would like to overcome? What do you feel you need to be a witness for Christ? Where do you lack confidence?

The answers to these questions will help me as I continue to grow and learn, and also as we develop resources through our ministry to equip believers to be disciple-makers.

Below are five questions that I would love to have you answer! You can respond in the comments or send me an email.  If I get enough responses, I’ll share a summary of them (anonymously) in a future blog, so we can all learn from each other.

Thanks in advance for your insights!! I look forward to reading them.



  1. What is your greatest obstacle to sharing the gospel?
  2. Do you find it easy to bring up spiritual topics, especially Jesus? What is your secret? What are barriers for you?
  3. How do you share the “nuts and bolts” of the gospel message? Do you use a particular method (i.e. Romans Road, Wordless Book, Salvation Bracelet, etc.)?
  4. What would you like to learn or what do you feel would better equip you to share the gospel? What training or teaching have you experienced that has given you confidence to share?
  5. Have you ever lead someone to Christ? (no judgment here … we are all learning and growing!)



4 thoughts on “How Do You Share The Gospel? (I Need Your Help!)

  1. Melissa

    We took an Intentional Discipleship class through our church. We learned the three circle method (I’m sure you know about it) and did role play on sharing the gospel. That was super helpful and made me more confident. The hardest part for me is just a starting point. It always seemed awkward to me to just ask someone if they know Jesus. Especially strangers. When we did role play we did it in a small group and then in front of the whole class. It was super uncomfortable at first but got easier.


  2. Karen Jones

    Hi Sheila, I’ve been meaning to get back to you sooner than now…but here goes… 1. I think the biggest obstacle for me is that I’m mostly around other Christians. However, with that being said, whenever I am with others who aren’t Believers, the biggest obstacle is most likely simply not wanting to come across as “in your face” or too offensive. 2. I find it somewhat easy to bring up spiritual topics, especially by sticking to my own testimony of what God is doing currently in my life (and then trying to tie that to a specific Scripture or Biblical principle that can apply to others or point to His Character). 3. The last time I have used a “nut and bolts” method it was the FAITH outline with Scriptures (but that was a long time ago sadly). I’ve tried that 3 circle method once this year and found that was a bit too general, I thought. Wesley and I have this neat thing called an Evangicube that sounds like it may be similar to a “wordless book”, but have to say our girls were the main beneficiaries of that. (although we did use it along with FAITH outline also). 4. I’m really not sure of what’s even out there to choose from. yikes. So, I’d have to say just learning more of God and His Character, to be able to share and testify of Him and His Amazing Grace, Love, Mercy, and Plan for ALL as the Spirit directs in whatever the situation, with whosoever I’m talking. 5. Aside from our children, I’d have to say no. Except for one lady at an evangelistic event where I served as an encourager down front. Her name was Tiffany. I still remember her. I will also say that in my years teaching Sunday School to 1st & 3rd graders, God allowed me to be part of the watering, and watching Him bring many children to Himself.

    Hope this helps, Karen Jones💜

    On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 11:49 AM The Way Of The Word wrote:

    > sheilaalewine posted: “Something I think a lot about is sharing the gospel > with others. Not that I’m great at it; this ministry God has called us to > has really stretched me. To be honest, sometimes I feel pushed to be > someone I’m not (more vocal, bolder). I love being behind th” >


    1. Hi Karen! I love the idea of simply sharing what God is doing in your life as a way of bringing up spiritual topics. I think people like to hear personal stories, even when they don’t believe the same as you. And I believe the “watering” and “sowing” are just as important as the “reaping” because we know it is God who brings spiritual fruit to maturity and salvation. Won’t it be a joy in heaven to really know the effects of our sharing with children? We know God’s word will always bear fruit. Thank you so much for sharing!!


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