Joseph’s Christmas Morning

A tiny baby made His arrival today
Wrapped in white cloths and laid in the hay.
His mother, exhausted, sleeps by His side
And dad stands guard over baby and bride.

He wonders what changes this little life brings
He’s a little confused, but still, his heart sings.
He stands at the door of the stable and prays
For God to direct their will and their ways.

How will this child turn the world upside down?
He ponders the mystery to the stable’s soft sounds.
He gazes at God in the flesh and he knows
This baby is far more than sweet fingers and toes.

The One who created the world and its men
Has entered a realm that won’t understand.
The peace that the angels proclaimed in the field
Will be missed by those who refuse to be healed.

His eyes will gaze on hearts that are hard
And His own heart will break as His vision is marred
By a thorny crown and the lash of the whip
The people will shout, and His flesh will rip.

How will they face what tomorrow may bring?
How can they raise the Son of the King?
His throat tightens up and he feels he could cry
But his gaze turns upward to the star in the sky.

His heart fills with hope and his faith is renewed
He knows that God has a plan for him too.
God chose to send His Son to their home,
And this same God will not leave them alone.

So as Joseph watches the sun fill the sky
And hears his sweet wife awake with a sigh
He swallows his grief and picks up the Child
He kisses His cheek and gives Him a smile.

For today, they will rest in the joy of new birth
The sweet Son of God who came to our earth.
Tomorrow may bring its troubles and cares
But today is the day to rejoice and not fear.

Sheila Alewine

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