Read-Through-The-Bible [09.18.19]

Today we moved back to the storyline of the history of Israel. Remember, Job was written during the time of the exile, even though he lived much earlier. Jerusalem lies desolate, destroyed. The people are discouraged, wondering how long God will hide His face in punishment for their sins. We pick up with a few of the Psalms written during this time period. Today’s read included Psalm 44,74,79,80,85, and 89.
Psalm 89 is a great example of what to do when we find ourselves in a place where it seems like God has forgotten us. And not only has He forgotten us, our circumstances tell us that He has broken His promises because we can see no evidence that what He said will ever come true.
The psalmist focuses on the Lord’s covenant with David. God promised that David’s descendants would endure forever, and his throne would be established forever. But as the people look around them, that doesn’t seem possible any longer. By human understanding, this promise will never be fulfilled. The enemy has won. But instead of despair, Psalm 89 is filled with hope that is rooted in God’s character.
Verse after verse speaks of God’s covenant love, His might, His power, His righteousness, and His justice. His name is exalted as creator, ruler, protector, a rock. He is Father, God, and Savior. And the most oft used word throughout this psalm is “faithfulness.”
“I will make your faithfulness known.”
“You have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.”
“The heavens praise…Your faithfulness.”
“Your faithfulness surrounds You.”
“Faithfulness goes before you.”
“[Your] faithful love will be with [David].”
“Nor will I ever betray My faithfulness.”
Towards the end of this lengthy song of praise, the psalmist asks, “How long, Lord? Will You hide Yourself forever?” To the one in exile, it seems forever! To the one suffering, the days never end! To the one waiting on God’s to fulfill His promise, time moves ever so slowly. The only way we retain hope is by remembering the character of God. He never changes, and He cannot lie. He will keep His promises because He is faithful. It’s His DNA. He simply can’t be anything but faithful to His word.
What has God promised you? What have you read in His word that by your human understanding will never come true? Don’t look at your circumstance, look at His character and believe those promises. Put your hope in who He is and praise Him for His faithfulness.

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