Read-Through-The-Bible [11.29.19]

This morning has had its challenges. I opened up my computer to write today’s post and the lovely “Microsoft Assistant” took it upon herself to take over my computer for updating. That was one hour ago and it’s still only at 48%.  So I’m using my phone to post (excuse any typos I may miss!). So frustrating.

It’s actually a great illustration though. Yesterday I mentioned that Paul spoke a lot to the Thessalonians about the return of Christ. I’ve always been taught there will be a pre-Tribulation rapture, but I have to say, I don’t see it in Paul’s words here. He is describing what the believers should be looking for and it sure sounds a lot like the description in Revelation 19:11-16. If indeed the return of Christ and “our being gathered to Him” (2 Thess. 2:1) is one and the same event, that means believers will go thru the Tribulation.

My computer “taking over” my plans this morning was just a blip of frustration. While I waited for it, I had time to read thru Revelation. My dear friends, we do not want to go thru the Tribulation without being on God’s side!! A computer glitch will be the least of our worries. Outside of God’s protection, we will have no control over any part of our lives.

What’s the takeaway?  Study scripture for yourself. Take God at His word. Judgment is coming for all who have not already been judged at the cross. If you’re a believer, we don’t really know exactly how things will unfold. We are simply told to be ready so that we will not be ashamed at His coming.

“But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.” (1 Thessalonians 5:4)

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