Talking With Your Kids About Jesus {Book Review}

I received a copy of Natasha Crain’s book, Talking With Your Kids About Jesus: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have to review, not knowing anything about her. While I’m grateful that my own two daughters have grown into adults who love and serve Jesus, I do have four young grandchildren whom I’m praying diligently for, that they will come to Christ early and walk with Him all the days of their lives. I’m always looking for resources and inspiration that will help me be a more intentional grandmother, and that I can recommend and pass on to other young parents.

This is one such resource!

The book is divided into five sections, each containing six critical questions about Jesus. It covers Jesus’ identity, His teachings, His death, His resurrection, and concludes with a section on the difference Jesus makes. Questions are geared to the very issues your child will face as they come to their own knowledge of salvation, and are scrutinized, challenged, and yes, even persecuted for believing in Jesus. Each chapter presents biblical truth (with plenty of scriptural references to back up her statements), a summary section of key points, and a conversation guide to expand and deepen your child’s understanding.

This book isn’t just for your child, though. It will strengthen your own faith as you are reminded about some things you believe, but do not have a firm grip on why you believe them. It will reinforce the importance of knowing and believing essential, critical doctrines about who Jesus is, and why we can be confident that salvation is found only in Him.

Natasha Crain has written several other books, including Talking with Your Kids about God, and Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side. She is also a Christian blogger. I received a copy of the book for my review.


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