2021: Make It The Year Of The Bible

Today is the day when all those New Year’s resolutions and goals are supposed to kick in. Are you ready?

What’s on your list?

I’m guessing that even if you haven’t sat down and written out some goals, there are ideas marinating in your thoughts about things you’d like to do differently this year. I love fresh beginnings…the first page in a new notebook, a brand new [insert your favorite thing], a new day with a clean slate! That’s why we love it when the calendar page turns over, especially when it’s been as challenging as this year has!

Here’s the only advice I can give you, if you want to accomplish any of your goals. Start with your spiritual life first, because that is where you will find the strength, endurance, courage and creativity to make any sort of impact or change in your life, and on the lives of others. If you make your relationship with God the priority, everything else will work itself out. I promise.

One good goal, and I would say the BEST goal, is to have a plan for reading scripture. In my opinion, spending time in God’s Word is the single most important factor in growing as a believer and getting to know God. It is absolutely vital, and your spirit needs it like your physical body needs water and air. And the best way to make sure you’re getting your “daily dose” is to have some kind of plan.

I’ve shared before about my blogger friend, Leslie, who offers a Facebook group and a reading plan each year. You can find details on her plan for 2021 here. It’s always good to have the support and accountability of others, even if it’s via social media. And, just as important, I can confidently assure you that whatever she posts about the Bible comes from a strong, scriptural foundation.

But there are also a lot of other plans available for reading through scripture in various time frames. I just ran across this great resource that lists more than a dozen different options. There is even a link to this Bible Reading Plan Generator where you can make your own! I just created my own personal 180-day plan, which is going to take me through the entire Bible twice this year, with an investment of fewer than 30 minutes a day.

No matter which plan you use, or how long it takes you to read through scripture, I encourage you to make time in God’s Word a priority this year. Let each day be a fresh start; don’t get discouraged if you miss a day. Just pick back up with the next day’s reading.

I can promise you it’s the best investment of your time you’ll make this year.

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