More Than Enough

The last four chapters of Exodus describe the extensive, labor-intensive, and very detailed work that was done to create the Tabernacle according to God’s instructions. God gave two men the skills, talents, and administrative and leadership ability to see the work through; their names were Bezalel and Oholiab. They led a team of skillful, willing people to accomplish the great task.

While these chapters are full of details that seem repetitive and obscure (unless you’re an engineer or builder, I suppose), the big picture is clear: Every person’s contribution was important. The first step was what we would call the “capital funds campaign.” The people contributed the money that would literally be melted down and used to create the tabernacle furniture and items necessary for the offerings, as well as the cloth, the spices, the wood, and everything else. Many others stepped up to use their one particular skill that would contribute to the whole. It took everyone working together and giving generously to do what God asked them to do.

There’s a verse in Exodus 36:7 that I believe describes both the funding of the Tabernacle as well as the process of building it and will even extend to carrying out the daily worship functions.

For the material they had was sufficient and more than enough for all the work to perform it.

This happened because every person whose “heart was stirred” to contribute obeyed God and gave not only freewill offerings out of their blessings but also their God-given skills and talents. They already had all the necessary resources among them; all they needed was God’s plan and a willing heart.

I believe that is true in everything God calls the body of Christ to do today as well. If there is a lack of funds, or workers, or skills, it is because someone in the body is not doing their part, or they are reluctant to obey what they know God has called or equipped them to do. I would imagine there were a few folks out of the hundreds of thousands of men and women in Moses’ congregation who had some regrets when they made their way to the Tabernacle to worship and realized they had missed an opportunity to be part of something wonderful and God-honoring. But there were many, many more who rejoiced to see it all come together because they had done their small part to honor God.

What has God gifted you to do? Are you using your God-given resources and blessings to do your part in the body of Christ? Don’t miss the blessing of participating in His kingdom work. Find your role and fill it. Give generously when you can. Lead boldly when you’re called, or serve quietly in the background on the details you think no one sees. Your piece of the whole is important and needed, and in God’s plan, it is more than enough.

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