Standing On The Brink

Numbers 13-14 describe an event that truly “went down in history” for the Jewish people. They are on the brink of entering the land that God promised Abraham over four hundred years earlier. Upwards of 2 million men, women, boys, and girls stand at the edge of seeing God accomplish His promises. Before them is a land literally flowing with milk and honey, with grapes so large it takes two men to carry one cluster. They’ve seen God perform miraculous things at every turn of their journey. The fact that they are standing where they are is a testimony to His mighty power that rules over all creation.

Yet, instead of packing their tents up in anticipation of the first day in the Promised Land, they see only the obstacles that lay in their path. Forgetting they serve a God who can do ANYTHING HE WANTS, and who has PROMISED to give them this land, they retreat back into their homes, crying in fear and muttering about heading back to Egypt, the place of slavery and captivity.

From our 20/20 hindsight, we shake our heads at their foolishness and wonder what they were thinking. Yet how many times have we done the same? We wake up each morning and turn on our computers or televisions to get our dose of daily news and fret and worry and stew about what’s happening. We feel powerless. It looks like things are out of control. As Christ-followers, we know we’re in a hostile environment that’s only going to get worse. Has God made a wrong turn? Surely God would not lead us into this uncomfortable, challenging, frightening place!

Fear and doubt are intimately related. Fear feeds doubt, and doubt feeds fear. The only cure is FAITH. Faith is rooted in what we’ve already seen God do, and it grows exponentially as we trust Him to do what He has promised.

Faith in His character.

Faith in His abilities.

Faith in His sovereignty.

Faith in His authority.

Faith in His infallible Word.

Faith in His prophecies.

I imagine today will be a day that will “go down in history” as well, as we see a new President take the oath of office. I pray that it passes almost unnoticed, that all those who claim the name of Christ will be too busy praying for our nation and seeking God’s face to worry about who is taking up residence in a position that is temporary, and who serves only by the providential plans of God.

We stand at the brink of the Promised Land. As it has been said, things aren’t falling apart…they are falling into place, just as God told us in His Word. Today should be a day of anticipation, just like every day should be, because God is at work, and He will get us home.

3 thoughts on “Standing On The Brink

  1. Gillian Hope

    At Sunday School we used to sing; Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.” I watched the inauguration with joy and praise yesterday as it all proceeded peacefully, knowing that I was just one of millions around the world who have been in prayer for you all over the past few difficult months. I continue to pray that God’s people will seek him and open their hearts to him alone so that a great new move of God may sweep through your land. I am convinced that when it does, it will not look like anything you have seen before.

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