Would You Have Helped?

As we approach our celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection this weekend, we are also thinking much about the painful suffering Jesus endured. Lest we forget, the empty tomb that brings us so much hope and joy was the result of His agony and anguish. Have you ever thought about what you would have done during those hours when Jesus was being accused, tried, beaten, and put to death?

Fear is powerful. Haven’t we seen that over the past two years? Fear can induce us to do things, say things, and believe things we never thought we would. I don’t blame the disciples for running away; I feel Peter’s anguish as he chooses to deny the Savior he loved so much. Their responses remind me to check my own heart, to ask God to keep me faithful no matter what circumstances arise.

My mom sent me this little poem she wrote years ago. What if you were on the streets that day, when your religious leaders were urging you to shout, “Crucify!” Would you have stood against the mob? Would you have remained silent? Or would you have joined in, swept up by the crowds and afraid that if you voiced a different opinion, they would come for you?

May God make us all bold, courageous, and Holy Spirit-filled witnesses to stand for Jesus when it counts today.

Would You Have Helped?

If you had been in Jerusalem that day, 
When they took the Savior and led him away;
If you had been among the throng, 
When He took the cross, and walked alone…

When He stumbled and fell on the Calvary Road, 
Would you have said to Him, “Let me carry the load?”
“For Your back is bleeding, and Your strength is gone.
“Give me the cross, let me walk along.”

When you saw them strike Him and slap His face,
Would you have said, “Here hit me in His place.”
When the cat-o-nine tails lashed on His bare skin, 
Would you say, “Hit me, I'm the one who has sinned.”

We think had we been there we would have tried 
To do something to help Him, not just watch as He died.  
But today, when we can, do we stand in his place? 
Do we show His love, do we tell of His grace?

When His name is blasphemed and His Gospel denied,
Do we stand up for Jesus, or try to hide?

Are we like the throng on the Calvary Road,
Letting Jesus alone carry the load?
We have a chance to lift high the Cross,
To share Salvation to a world that is lost.

Matthew 16:24 – Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.”

Poem was written by Judy Proffitt

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