What Abortion Is Really About

“So, you’re mad because you can’t have an abortion any time you want one?”

“Yes, I should have the right to control my own body.”

“Why do you need an abortion?

“Because I’m pregnant.”

“Why are you pregnant?”

“Because I had sex.”

“So, you don’t have control over your own body to not have sex??”


This is not about babies.

It is, however, about a woman’s right to choose … to choose morality or immorality. This is about freedom to live like animals do – have sex anytime you want, with anyone you want, just because you feel like it, with no consequences. If it were about a woman’s right to control her own body, then perhaps they should start by controlling it in the bedroom.

And yes…I realize there are cases of rape and incest where an unwanted pregnancy may occur. The rise of rape and incest is a result of a “free sex” immoral society where every single thing is about sex and it’s shoved in our faces constantly. It’s a result of the failure of passing on a moral code to our children and grandchildren. But in those cases, I guarantee there are more than enough families willing to adopt. God’s grace is enough to heal any hurt and enable a woman to love a child if she decides to keep it, and there are more than enough resources in place to help her if she does.

Could we do more to support single moms? Definitely. But let’s say the hard things too. Let’s tell our kids the truth – abstinence is a worthwhile pursuit. You’re not an animal. You can choose to live a moral life and make better choices. You want control over your own body? Prove it.

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