Giving The Gift Of The Gospel

Today I am doing something I never do. It feels like shameless self-promotion which is why I am very uncomfortable doing it. I want to encourage you to consider purchasing some of our devotional books as gifts this year.

I have a daughter whose love language is “gifts” and she speaks it so well. She’s a master at finding just the right item. I borrow her expertise often, especially at Christmas, because I have a terrible time deciding when I try to shop for other people.

Maybe you’re like me, and you need a fresh idea for a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. Why not give the gift of the gospel?

If you’ve read this blog, you already know the kinds of things I write about – faith, hope, spiritual growth, salvation, and most often, the gospel. After all, the gospel is the one gift you can give that lasts for eternity. Any other item that comes in a box will perish eventually. But the gospel keeps on changing lives – forever!

All of our books are 6″ x 9″ soft covers, so they would slide easily into a stocking. They’re also great to wrap with a plate of your homemade cookies and take across the street to that neighbor you’ve been wanting to tell about Jesus, but can’t quite find the right words! Your elderly relatives who don’t get out much anymore would likely enjoy a new book to read that inspires their faith and encourages them that God is still faithful, even in our old age. How about your spouse? Or your adult siblings who used to walk closely with God, but seemed to have drifted away and need a reminder of how good God is.

Who else has God put in your life that needs a fresh view of the gospel?

All the proceeds from the devotionals and other books we have written go directly into our non-profit ministry, Around The Corner Ministries. We work full-time in this ministry that God led us to establish in 2016, and you can find out details about the ministry on our website. It’s an incredible privilege to serve God in ministry, and what a blessing it is for Him to consider me worthy to write words about HIS WORDS.

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts. You can buy directly from our website, or find them on Amazon. I’ve included the taglines of how they connect to the gospel for your consideration. Book titles are in italics.

Happy shopping!

Increase Your Faith In The GospelOUR NEWEST BOOK!

Give Me A Faith Like That: Walking In The Footsteps Of Old Testament Saints

ISBN: 9781733047883 / List Price $9.99

God is so gracious to preserve His Word, not only the doctrines and theology that guide our faith but the real-life stories that inspire our faith. The individual, historical records of ordinary men and women in the Bible narrate in living color God’s plan of redemption, which culminated in Jesus. Like Moses, each one had their own “burning bush” experience where they had to decide if they would walk by faith in the Creator and His infallible promises, or trust in their own knowledge, depending on sight and emotion. We have a role to play in God’s story, too. Ours may not be written down in scripture, but it is significant and important as we pass on our faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Step into the lives of faithful men and women who lived before us. Let us learn our lessons well, for one day, we will all stand around God’s throne, from the first generation to the last, together worshipping the One in whom our faith rests.

Be Aware Of The Gospel

40 Days of Spiritual Awareness

ISBN: 9780999131800 / List Price: $9.99

Understand who God is and how He is working in the people right around you.  Discover truth that will increase your awareness of God, yourself, other believers, and unbelievers.  Be reminded of God’s work in our world, as He redeems and saves.  At the end of the 40-day journey, you will realize that you are an important part of accomplishing that work and be prepared to join Him. 

Be Refreshed In The Gospel

Grace & Glory: A 50-Day Journey In The Purpose & Plan Of God

ISBN: 9780999131848 / List Price $11.99

What do we do when we face a crisis of faith?  When everything we believe is challenged?  That’s when we must discover (or re-discover) God’s purpose for our lives and learn to live with a mindset of His grace…grace that reveals His glory.  This devotional will refresh believers in the gospel and encourage them to live every day so that the glory of God will be proclaimed by the power of grace at work in their lives.

Explore The Gospel

Open The Gift: Discovering The Treasures God Gave Us When He Gave Us Jesus

ISBN: 978173307869 / List Price $9.99

In Christ, you receive all you need for life and godliness as you explore the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge found only in Him. He sets you apart, satisfies your soul, and equips you to serve as a citizen of His kingdom. He strengthens and sustains you in your faith journey, and promises some spectacular gifts to open when you take your final breath and meet Him face to face. Open The Gift is a meaningful way to prepare your heart for the Christmas season or anytime you need a reminder of what God gave you when He gave you Jesus. It is also a perfect gift to introduce the treasures of salvation to those who may not know Him.

Pray The Gospel

Just Pray: God’s Not Done With You

ISBN: 9780999131886 / List Price $9.99

If you ever think, “What good am I to the kingdom anymore?” this devotional is for you. You are strategically, sovereignly positioned to have kingdom impact in this generation through a simple commitment to prayer. God is not looking for people of strength and confidence. He is seeking those who know they are helpless and weak so that His strength and glory can be made magnified in them. No matter what your challenges or limitations are, God still has work for you to do for the kingdom. We invite you to accept the challenge and just pray.

Run With The Gospel

Let Us Run The Race

ISBN: 9781733047807 / List Price $9.99

The greatest missionary of all time, Paul made an unforgettable and enduring impact on the culture that surrounded him. If we could sit down and chat with him, what would he tell us? What can we learn from a man who ran his race so well?  We all want our lives to count for something greater than ourselves. The reality is, there is no greater call than the cause of Christ and the gospel of His kingdom. Let’s pursue Him with passion, endurance, and joy.  Let’s run the race, for Jesus is worthy.

Give The Gift Of The Gospel

Living In Light of the Manger

ISBN: 9780999131817 / List Price $9.99

If the manger only has meaning during our holiday celebrations, we’ve missed the point of the story.  Jesus was born so that we could be born again.  The events of His birth and the people who welcomed Him have many lessons to teach us about the glorious gospel and how Jesus came to change our lives.  Discover the purpose and power of the manger.  Perfect as a gift to introduce the gospel to friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

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