A Poem For Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Day!

I’ve been working on formatting a book of my mom’s poems, and she inspires me. I woke up with the words of the poem below rolling around in my head. This is how it turned out, after I read Mark 15-16 and pondered the wonder of the resurrection story! How grateful I am to be celebrating my Savior today!

Resurrection Sunday

When Jesus knelt in the Garden underneath an olive tree,

He wasn’t praying for you, nor was He praying for me.

He cried out to the Father, His soul was deeply grieved.

He knew exactly what was coming, what His followers would see.

The shame and degradation was the least of His concern.

His heart was torn and broken that His Father’s face would turn.

The sin upon His shoulders would be seen as His alone,

For if He failed to carry it, His death would not atone.

So, as He went to Calvary He took your sin and mine

Nailed between two crosses, with criminals assigned.

The Father turned His face away; His holy fire burned

Against the wicked sins He saw and so, His Son, He spurned.

Then Jesus died and lay inside a borrowed tomb of stone.

His followers were broken; surely now they were alone.

But in the grave our Savior took the sins and griefs He bore

On our behalf, buried deep to cause us pain no more.

No more accusations or evidence of guilt,

For Jesus took our sins away the day His blood was spilt.

Then as He said He rose up from the grave that could not hold Him.

He met His friends and proved His word was true just as He told them.

No more does Jesus weep in pain; the tomb’s unoccupied.

He sits beside His Father; His joy deep and wide.

The work is done, redemption’s paid, the cross is empty and bare.

Our Savior reigns in righteousness and is waiting for us there!

Sheila Alewine

Easter Sunday

April 9, 2023

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