A Ministry Update

If you’ve never clicked over to the “Our Ministry” page, you might not know that my husband and I lead a non-profit we call “Around The Corner Ministries.” You can read the story of how it all began at this link.

In a nutshell, we spend our time working with individuals and local churches to encourage followers of Jesus to share the gospel wherever God puts them, particularly in their own neighborhoods. We believe God is sovereign, and has a purpose in directing our steps to live and work in certain places, for certain times, for the singular purpose of proclaiming salvation in the name of His Son, Jesus. We work with others in a variety of ways, including Bible studies, preaching and pastoring (my husband), teaching workshops, and for me, writing (blogging and publishing printed devotionals).

We are strongly committed to not only challenging and encouraging others to live “on mission for the gospel,” we strive to do what we say in our own community and neighborhood. We are passionate about praying for and sharing with the people we live next to, and those we meet “by chance” as God leads us through our daily responsibilities.

As I said, this is a non-profit ministry, and we are supported by the generosity of God’s people. I wouldn’t normally do this, but this year, we’re doing something a little different with our annual fundraiser, so I’m sharing it here.

Each summer, usually the first or second week of June, we host a golf tournament locally here in Hendersonville, NC. We always are grateful for the ministries, churches, and businesses who partner with us as the tournament, team, and hole sponsors to make this a successful event.

This year, we thought of a unique way to combine the sponsorships to fulfill our desire to proclaim the name of Jesus at this event. We want to cover the golf course with hole sponsor signs that feature scripture verses! Wouldn’t it be cool, if, at every tee box, the 80-plus golfers that are playing are presented with some of our favorite scripture verses that will encourage them if they already know Jesus, and hopefully speak to their hearts if they don’t know Him yet!

God’s Word is powerful. We know it touches our hearts and souls in supernatural ways, and God has promised it will not return void.

So there it is. I’m just throwing this out for any readers to consider joining us this year to proclaim Jesus’ name in a unique way. You can find all the information on hole sponsorships at this link. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

Thanks for letting me interrupt your day with this unusual blog post. See you next time, and I’ll be back to my normal posting on how the riches of God’s Word is speaking to me!

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